Iwona Zadar

Occupation Defense Attorney

Reckoned birth years N/A
Documented age range 26
Last known status Alive
Eye colour Cornflower blue
Hair colour Brown
Height 5'8"
Chester van Slutman (friend)
Ellis Aubrey (friend and accomplice; incarcerated)
Ephriam Sawbones (friend?)
Horia Doru Popescu (friend and victim; deceased)
K.M. Vide (friend and accomplice; missing)
Olivia Hayes (friend and accomplice; deceased)


Iwona Zadar

Iwona Zadar is a defense attorney. She is known for her especial attention to the statute of limitations, and was involved in the DQ-5 incident.

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Iwona is a very calm and collected individual. She spends a lot of time thinking about the consequences of her words and actions, and pays special attention to time. She hates being late.

She is often seen wearing a large blue coat, and gets extremely defensive if you do so much as ask her to take it off (even if out of concern, due to heat). When talking, Iwona unintentionally stares people down with an icy, dead, unwavering gaze.

In the courtroom, Iwona had a fierce but teetering loyalty to her clients; she would occasionally completely turn on the defendant, even though she was their attorney; "In good consience," she would say, "[she] cannot continue to defend [her] client."

Name & Development

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