Occupation Croupier

Reckoned birth years N/A
Documented age range 22*
Last known status Deceased
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blonde
Height 5'4"


Olivia Hayes

Olivia Hayes was blah blah i dont wanna write this rn i just wanna write her personality F

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Olivia was a very happy and bubbly individual. She would welcome others with a warm and sincere smile and do her best to make others comfortable. However, she would often stare a little too much at people.

When aggravated, Olivia could get very passive-aggressive and intimidating, and occasionally threaten physical violence. When these situations were resolved, she would usually pretend it never happened.

Olivia generally had some form of an escape plan when she would get into trouble, however hasty it may be; unfortunately, these kinds of rash decisions would ultimately lead her to take her own life.

Name & Development

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