Ellis Aubrey

Occupation University Student (formerly)

Occupation Prisoner

Reckoned birth years N/A
Documented age range 25*
Last known status Incarcerated
Eye colour Hazel
Hair colour Teal
Height 5'7"
Ephriam Sawbones (younger cousin)
Iwona Zadar (friend and accomplice)
Olivia Hayes (accomplice; deceased)


Ellis Aubrey

Ellis Aubrey was a university student studying anatomy and physiology. She was involved in the DQ-5 incident.

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Aubrey was a very social and kind individual on the surface. She was the kind of person who would twist your arm behind your back and refuse to let go until you said "uncle". She had a very strong passion for nature and biology, and liked to study the plants in her neighbourhood.

Aubrey had a completely different side that many people never saw, or never lived to speak of. While people knew she was interested in the human body and its inner workings, most people were unaware of how easy it was for her to see all that guts and glory for herself.

Despite the betrayal she faced, she was fiercely loyal to the people she considered beside her; essentially, she wasn't a narc.

Name & Development

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