K.M. Vide

Occupation "University Student" (formerly)

Reckoned birth years N/A
Documented age range 26?*
Last known status Missing
Eye colour Grey
Hair colour Blonde
Height 5'10"
Ellis Aubrey (friend and accomplice)
Iwona Zadar (friend and accomplice)
Olivia Hayes (accomplice; deceased)


K.M. Vide

Kaya-Mazhar Vide was a university student studying biochemical engineering. He was involved in the DQ-5 incident, and went missing shortly after it took place.

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Vide was a quiet and reserved individual. While he was generally calm, it was somewhat easy to get him riled up, but easy to calm him back down.

Vide was already involved in some shady business before the events of DQ-5, so it was pretty easy for him to go off the grid. Outside of that, he was already fairly transient as a person, and would've been able to get away quickly and quietly regardless.

Name & Development

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