Horia Doru Popescu

Occupation University Student (formerly)

Reckoned birth years N/A
Documented age range 23
Last known status Deceased
Eye colour Green
Hair colour Brown
Height 5'10"
Iwona Zadar ("friend" and killer)
Olivia Hayes (friend; deceased)
Ellis Aubrey (friend; incarcerated)
K.M. Vide (friend; missing)


Horia Doru Popescu

Horia Doru Popescu was a university student studying psychology and linguistics. He had a red, reversible coat; the inverse was blue. He was the victim of the DQ-5 incident.

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Horia Doru was a very laid-back individual. He was very good at "reading the room" and could tell how his friends were feeling just by a look they gave him. He kept this to himself most of the time, feeling that if anyone knew he could do that, it might hinder their friendship or their friend's ability to express themself.

Despite his calm demeanor, he was very no-nonsense: if he had a problem with you, he would tell you to stop. This usually manifested as a very direct sarcastic joke, but there were times where he would drop the chill façade and seriously air his grievances.

Horia Doru was well aware his death was coming.

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