Rustam Niyazov

Occupation Singer

Reckoned birth years N/A
Documented age range 20s
Last known status Alive
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Rust
Height 5'8"
Gniewomir Słowicki (friend and bandmate)
Osip Petrov (friend and bandmate)
Timur Sharipov (friend and bandmate)
Vladimir Matveev (friend and bandmate)


Rustam Niyazov

Rustam Niyazov is a member of the band Ребята. He is from Kyrgyzstan.

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Rustam is a very polite but outgoing individual. He generally spends his time speaking with his bandmates, but he'll attend parties and stuff for the hell of it sometimes. While he doesn't cook, he'll suggest certain things to eat if nobody has an idea. (Sometimes, his suggestion is taken.)

Rustam is very finnicky about physical contact. Sometimes he'll be fine, but sometimes he won't. It appears to depend on his mood.

Name & Development

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