Gniewomir Słowicki

Occupation Singer

Reckoned birth years N/A
Documented age range 20s
Last known status Alive
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Brown
Height 5'9"
Osip Petrov (friend and bandmate)
Rustam Niyazov (friend and bandmate)
Timur Sharipov (friend and bandmate)
Vladimir Matveev (friend and bandmate)


Gniewomir Słowicki

Gniewomir Słowicki is a member of the band Ребята. He is from Poland, and is the main singer.

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Gniewko is very kind and open-hearted, but he is also fairly naïve and doesn't seem to understand a lot of things that his bandmates inherently do. He feels a bit alone because of this, but he's able to reassure himself and feel okay about it anyway.

Gniewko is the best at cooking out of the five of them. He'll sometimes take Rustam's suggestions on what to make, though he isn't as familiar with Kyrgyz cuisine, so he needs a bit of help sometimes.

Name & Development

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