Osip Petrov

Occupation Singer

Reckoned birth years N/A
Documented age range 20s
Last known status Alive
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Purple
Height 5'7"
Gniewomir Słowicki (friend and bandmate)
Rustam Niyazov (friend and bandmate)
Timur Sharipov (friend and bandmate)
Vladimir Matveev (friend and bandmate)


Osip Petrov

Osip Petrov is a member of the band Ребята. He is from Russia.

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Osip is a very quiet ad calm invididual. He is one of the more level-headed members of the group; him and Vova get along somewhat because of this.

Osip doesn't get angry very easily, and usually finds a way to curb this (sometimes with physical violence). He's quick to apologize if he truly hurts someone, though.

Name & Development

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