Teodors Paavils

Occupation Ventriloquist

Reckoned birth years N/A
Documented age range 20
Last known status Alive
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Brown
Height 5'4"
Lazarus (acquaintance)
Paula (doll)
Storyteller ("friend" and roommate)


Teodors Paavils

Teodors Paavils is a ventriloquist who grew up in a small village in Latvia. He has a ventriloquist's doll named Paula.

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Teodors is a very softspoken young man; he is also very polite, and has a speak-when-spoken-to attitude (at least for himself). He gets very nervous around strangers, and often does not completely understand how social interactions should go. He appears to be very sheltered; aside from growing up in a village, this is likely Storyteller's influence.

Teodors can lose his cool, however. It's extremely rare, but he will yell, and, depending on the situation, sometimes hit. Most people don't see this side of him. Teodors is always on the defense.

Name & Development

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