Nathalie Chance

Occupation Journalist

Reckoned birth years N/A
Documented age range 29-ish
Last known status Alive
Eye colour Blue (formerly brown)
Hair colour Blonde
Height 5'6"-5'8"
Ellis Aburey (friend)
Ephriam Sawbones (close friend)
Langston Severin (ex)
Lazarus (acquaintance)
Abigail Cross*
Barbara Ferme*
Elise (unknown surname)*
Louise (unknown surname)*
Noelle Dalton*
Quinn Dyer*


Nathalie Chance

Nathalie Chance is a journalist from San Francisco who usually covers murder cases.

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in Daltons

Noelle Dalton was the first character introduced in DMA1. Being from the more modern generations of the Daltons, she had no real organized crime associations, and just happened to run into the right people. She had a ridiculous amount of luck, being able to get away nearly scott free every time she committed a crime (though when she was a teenager, she was more likely to either be a suspect).

When she was younger, she met Amato Dalton (Francesco Loretti) in France, and the two became close very fast. This didn't last very long, though, as she soon met Damiano Dalton (Rigel Dalton) in Italy, and the two became even closer, ceasing to spend time with Francesco.

Loretti became a part of the police, and was assigned specifically to keep track of his former family's whereabouts and whatnot. He used his power to his advantage, and was able to get unfairly close to Rigel and Noelle. Noelle was very aware of this, and frequently changed routes to avoid and ignore him. At some point, though, she was caught, and after the two had a long talk, they killed each other.


Nathalie is generally a very polite woman. She's somewhat charismatic and has a very easy time persuading people; however, she does have a mean side to her. Most people won't encounter that side of her unless they've run into her at the wrong times or they're just plain rude to her (generally a mix of the two).

She is very caring towards her friends, and even past friends. However, there are some people (particularly Francesco) that manage to drive her up a wall. She considers herself lucky to be able to blend into a crowd easily.

A strange trait of Noelle is how easily she's able to dismiss missing persons cases, especially if they are an example of "missing white woman syndrome". She will generally just acknowledge it, complain, and move on. It's uncertain why she is like this.

Name & Development

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