Langston Severin

Occupation Journalist

Reckoned birth years N/A
Documented age range 29-ish
Last known status Alive
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Brown
Height 5'8"-5'10"
Nathalie Chance (ex)
Francesco Loretti*
Amato Dalton*


Langston Severin

Langston Severin is a detective.

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in Daltons

Amato Dalton (Francesco Loretti) was the second character introduced in DMA1.

Growing up away from the main family, Francesco saw that his family's way of life was wrong, and wanted to fix it. This wasn't an issue until Noelle had become much closer with Damiano Dalton (Rigel Dalton), Francesco's cousin. Overtaken by jealousy, he ended up finally working against his family—lucky for him, his pattern in this behaviour and different surname allowed him to be much more easily trusted.

Loretti became a part of the police, and was assigned specifically to keep track of his former family's whereabouts and whatnot. He used his power to his advantage, and was able to get unfairly close to Rigel and Noelle. Francesco had a hard time keeping up with Noelle, as her routes frequently changed. At some point, though, he caught her, and after the two had a long talk, they killed each other.


Langston is fairly irritable. He's not very personable, and tends to stumble on his words a lot. He's fairly closeminded, but somehow easy to convince. As an officer, he's not very good at his job. Mostly because of his own shady ties...

Langston isn't a very good friend. He does his best to care for others, but he's usually too focused on Nathalie to properly be there for anyone. His obsession with Nathalie isn't too terrible, however it's enough to concern anyone around him.

Like Nathalie, Langston couldn't care much about missing person's cases.

Name & Development

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