This page contains information relevant to an RP universe - a lot of information on this page is not actually canon to Mega Man.

Misc. Info

Eye colour: Green
Country of origin: Latvian SSR
Year: 1973
Lang: LV, RUS, ENG
Designer: yurasys
Related characters: Endzela, Ruta, Punk

Sofija Čaklais

General Information

Sofija Čaklais is a robot designed for therapy. In the 90's, she started working with robotics, and by 20XX, she had transitioned over to engineering entirely.

Sofija is quite hot-tempered, and she is quick to resort to violence. She also tends to be clumsy and drops/runs into things on occasion. Despite this, she cares quite deeply for her friends, and will do whatever she can to make sure they're safe, healthy, and happy. (And yet, she won't always listen to what they have to say.)


Sofija is a woman of about average height. Her original design in the 70's consisted of a beige shirt with blue pants and a red vest, and her hair was tied up in a ponytail. In 200X, she cut her hair shorter and stopped wearing the vest, eventually going for a whiter shirt, mauve-ish pants and a tie of the same colour. Regardless of its length, one side of her bangs has always been shorter.


Sofija is a very pessimistic character. Despite her origins in therapy, she tends to disregard feelings in favour of reason, and will resort to violence to keep people in line. It appears a major part of her personality may be influenced by events that happened before the events of the first Mega Man, as people who knew her before then say she was a completely different person.

Because of her therapeutic origin, Sofija is very good at seeing the true intentions of people. While she may usually keep this information to herself, there are many situations where she will point this out to others, and appear to become smug whenever someone disregards her opinion and she turns out to be right.