This page contains information relevant to an RP universe - a lot of information on this page is not actually canon to Mega Man.

Misc. Info

Eye colour: Green
Country of origin: Latvian SSR
Year: 1986
Lang: LV, ENG
Designer: yurasys
Related characters: Sofija, NRG

Jenny Čaklais (Punk)

General Information

Žanna (Jenny) Čaklais, better known as Punk, is a robot designed as an icon of sorts for an American anti-drug campaign. In 1992, she went AWOL, and has since acted as an elder sibling for her community.

Taking after her sister, Punk is a very clumsy individual. She enjoys rollerblading and skateboarding, as well as other activities regarding balance, however she tends to fall over pretty easily.


Punk is a touch above average height, and has silver hair that, when untied, reaches the small of her back (however, it should be noted that her hair is usually up in a ponytail). In the 80's and 90's, her wardrobe consisted of a purple jacket, red shirt, and green patterned pants. While there was a change in the 2000s, she seems to have come back to her original clothes, including the red shirt with a P on it.


Punk is very optimistic and likes to joke around with friends, family, and strangers. She makes light out of most situations, and finds the positives in the ones she can't.

Punk seems to have inherited her sister's ability to see through people. She's not as good at it, but her hunches tend to have some truth to them, even if not completely correct. She's also much more forgiving, willing to befriend people she's struggled with in the past.