Punk circa 1986.

Misc Information

Script: パンク

Romaji: Panku

Designer: Star

Eye Colour: Green

Country of Origin: Latvia

Era: Late 1980's



Žanna (Jenny) "Punk" Čaklais (ジャンナ「パンク」チャクライス Jan'na "Panku" Chakuraisu) is a robot who was originally programmed to be an icon of sorts for the Just Say No campaign. Eventually, she was able to see how it was affecting people (namely black youth), and decided to instead act as a more guiding "big sister" figure to those who need it, completely rejecting her original purpose.

Punk is a fairly clumsy individual and hasn't completely gone by Jenny since the early 90's. She likes to skateboard and enjoys rollerskating and rollerblading as well. She's very open-minded and does her best to make sure that she isn't making anyone uncomfortable, and in general is just a nice person.

Table of Contents

Special Weapon

Punk does not have a special weapon.

Damage Data Chart

Displays the amount of physical damage Punk will receive from each special weapon.

Mega Buster KT Missile C. Cap NRG Flash Feisar Mania null null null null P2 Assist
3:3 1 1 2 2 -- -- -- -- 0:0



Sofija Čaklais


Punk is Sofija's younger sister. When their creator died, Sofija moved to the US to be with her.

Punk thinks that Sofi needs to experience the US more. Despite Punk's protests, Sofi still calls her by her real name (Žanna, or Jenny), and refuses to use anything else. The two generally don't get along.



NRG and Punk have known each other since 1987. Unsurprisingly, the two met at a party and happened to click. They talk and spend time with each other fairly often, and NRG has often stayed at her house.

Punk worries for NRG, but generally feels that he's safe (or will be safe if he's not) due to all the shit that's happened since they've known each other. She feels very close to him but definitely would not date him even if given the chance. Absolutely not.

Punk says that NRG helped her see what was happening during her time with the Just Say No campaign, and is very grateful for him.


None currently.


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