This page contains information relevant to an RP universe - a lot of information on this page is not actually canon to Mega Man.

Misc. Info

Eye colour: Blue
Country of origin: Russian SFSR
Year: 1961
Lang: RUS, ENG
Designer: yurasys
Related characters: Marsha, Endzela


General Information

Ekaterina Mikhailova (ru. Екатерина Михайлова), better known as Katyusha (Катюша), is a Russian robot designed to boost the morale of the workers at the Soviet space program. In mid 1975, she was deactivated, but found and reactivated in 20XX.

Katyusha is a very bubbly and friendly individual, although she can be quite insistent and refuse to listen to others. One of her biggest desires is to go to space.


Katyusha is a tall, blonde woman with hair that reaches just past her back. Her design consists of purples and yellows, generally following the standard design of a robot master. She wears an ushanka (which has been both depicted as either grey or brown) with a red star on it, and is occasionally seen with something similar to a messenger bag.


True to her purpose, Katyusha cares very deeply for her friends and does her best to make everybody happy. At the same time, she's often very convinced of her opinions and is very insistent on doing things her way (when she's given the choice). She has a hard time understanding shy people, as she is very outgoing and will talk to a random stranger on the street for the smallest of reasons. She is very generous and would give you the hat on her head (though, she loves that hat, so she'd probably just get you a different one to keep).

Katyusha is old-fashioned and quite superstitious, even if partially programmed in a way to eradicate these beliefs. She has also developed a slight distrust of humans since her deactivation in 1975. She dreams of love, but considers herself too old to find it.