Misc Information

Script: カチューシャ

Romaji: Kachūsha

Designer: Star

Eye Colour: Blue

Country of Origin: Russia

Era: 1960's



Ekaterina Mikhailovna Mikhailova (エカテリーナ・ミハロブナ・ミハローバ Ekaterīna Miharobuna Miharōba, rus. Екатерина Михайловна Михайлова), better known as Katyusha (カチューシャ, Kachūsha, rus. Катюша) is a robot who was designed to help with the Soviet Space Program during the space race. In mid 1975, she was deactivated, but found and reactivated in 20XX.

Katyusha is a very kindhearted individual, but can be a bit close-minded; aside her general unawareness of technological advancement, she also has a very extroverted point of view and often can’t understand shy people. She loves snowball fights and making snow angels, as well as the night sky. One of her biggest desires is to go to space.

Due to the poor quality of Katyusha’s eyes (both in resolution and in colour), light can temporarily blind her. She also tends to mix people up and often will lose robots with white armour in the snow.

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Special Weapon

Katyusha’s special weapon, KT Missile (KTミサイル KT Misairu), is designed to look like a thermonuclear missile, but produces a cold atmosphere instead of a hot one. It has a 20% chance of freezing its target, and a 25% chance of missing.

Damage Data Chart

Displays the amount of physical damage Katyusha will receive from each special weapon.

Mega Buster KT Missile C. Cap NRG Flash Feisar Mania null null null null P2 Assist
2:2 + 1 2 4 -- -- -- -- 2:1





Marusya is Katyusha's younger sister. The two aren't very close and haven't seen each other in person in 50 years, but are still willing to talk to each other when they can. Katyusha is very devensive and protective of her sister, but also tends to spill classified info about her without realizing she isn't supposed to. Over all, Katyusha greatly appreciates her sister's presence in her life, and can only hope Marusya feels the same.



Katyusha and Endzela's creators were very close with each other; because of this, Endzela was occasionally allowed to visit Katyusha at the Soviet Space Program. They didn't talk very often, but bonded over the colour purple among other things.

Katyusha liked talking to Endzela before the former was deactivated. Her favourite thing to do with her was play cards and teach her about all of the cool stuff in the building she was in. After being reactivated, Katyusha wants to talk to her again, but has no way of contacting her as both of their creators are long dead.


Starman (Silas)


There's no real way to describe Star and Katyusha's relationship other than "chaotic buddies". The two met when Star got lost in Russia and had asked her for directions.

Katyusha greatly appreciates Star's friendship, and thinks about him every once in a while. She finds his design a bit funny.


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