Misc Information

Script: カウポク

Romaji: Kaupoku

Designer: Star

Eye Colour: Brown

Country of Origin: Canada

Era: Late 2000's



Cowpoke (カウポク Kaupoku) is a robot designed to reduce the workload of humans at a casino in Vegas. While he generally just works with entertainment behind the scenes, he has a vast knowledge of a variety of different card games and can take over another’s shift if need be.

Cowpoke acts sarcastic and apathetic on the exterior, but he’s a bit of a mess once you get to know him. He’s often tired and somewhat snappy at his coworkers and doesn’t hesitate to shoot people with his cap gun if he’s provoked far enough.

Despite cowboys and the like generally being more of a western thing than anything else, Cowpoke speaks with more of a southern twang to his voice. He does carry a few Canadian speech habits, most likely due to his creator being born and raised there, which makes the way he speaks in general very strange (or “interesting” as some have put it).

Table of Contents

Special Weapon

Cowpoke’s special weapon, Cowpoke Cap (カウポク・カップ Kaupoku Kappu), is basically just a modified cap gun. It has a higher amount of air pressure, though, similar to that of a BB gun, making it much more dangerous. It has no lasting effect on its target and the chance of missing depends on the user’s aim. (For instance, if P2-A uses the gun, it’ll have a 50% chance of missing, but if P2-B uses it, it’ll have an 80% chance of missing.)

Damage Data Chart

Displays the amount of physical damage Cowpoke will receive from each special weapon.

Mega Buster KT Missile C. Cap NRG Flash Feisar Mania null null null null P2 Assist
1:3 4 + 1 0 -- -- -- -- 3:1



Romy Collins


Romy is Cowpoke's creator. He's not very familiar with her.



Cowpoke and Tomahawk are very close with each other. Neither of the two really feel comfortable with their own existence, so they bonded over that (among other things).



Cowpoke and Blizzard don't get along very well; this is mostly because Cowpoke likes to poke fun at the fact he's Canadian (despite Cowpoke being Canadian himself).


Roll (Silas)


Cowpoke's basically an impromptu babysitter when it comes to Roll. He does enjoy talking to and spending time with her, though, and is glad to have someone to teach non-gambling related card games to.


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