Misc Information

Script: P2アシストAB

Romaji: P2 Ashisuto AB

Designer: Star

Eye Colour: Red and Blue

Country of Origin: Unknown (reside in US)

Era: 1990's


P2-A & P2-B

P2-A & P2-B (P2アシストAB, P2 Ashisuto AB) are robots designed to provide a second player for single arcade-goers. In a co-op battle, they individually provide assistance in battle. The two of them gradually improve with the individual players.

P2-A has a very kind and inviting personality, however she can be a bit of a crybaby. She works well with kids, and her AI defaults to “beginner”. However, most people at the arcade mistake her for the advanced option, believing A stands for advanced.

P2-B is much more rude compared to his counterpart; whether that’s intentional or not is unknown. He works better with teenagers and his AI defaults to “advanced”. However, some people at the arcade mistake him for the beginner option, believing B stands for beginner. He has a very "I'm better than you" attitude and is often mean to his sister (though she is mean to him too).

Table of Contents

Special Weapon

P2-A and B have no real special weapon; rather, they can use other specific special weapons to attack, with strength and accuracy changing accordingly. They cannot use the same special weapon that the player is using. P2-B is less accurate and powerful than his sister (due to this counting as co-op mode), and this irritates him greatly.

Damage Data Chart

Displays the amount of physical damage both P2-A and P2-B will receive from each special weapon.

Mega Buster KT Missile C. Cap NRG Flash Feisar Mania null null null null P2 Assist
-- 2:4 2:4 2:4 2:4 -- -- -- -- --

First value is damage P2-A takes; second value is damage P2-B takes.





NRG's been to their arcade a few times, and has interacted with both of them during his time there. P2-A likes him a lot more than B does.


Bitman (Silas)


P2-A considers him a friend.


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