Misc Information

Script: ジョー・ファイザー

Romaji: Jo Faizā

Designer: Star

Eye Colour: Green

Country of Origin: Denmark/Norway

Era: 20XX+


Joe Feisar

Joe Feisar (ジョー・ファイザー Jo Faizā) is a robot from an unknown point in the future designed to race. He was designed with agility in mind, but is not very durable. Feisar ended up in what he considers the past after a vehicle durability test teleported him to the wrong location. He does not seem very affected, outside of culture shock.

Feisar is an upbeat and friendly person, but is also known to bully others - because of this, he doesn’t get along with people who he deems have “no sense of humour”. His vast knowledge of cars makes him very adaptable in competitive racing, but he’s got a habit of being extremely clumsy, so he should not be trusted with driving normal motor vehicles.

When Feisar isn’t being incredibly energetic, he’s usually extremely fatigued. He also often forgets what time it is, which often makes him very antsy on its own. He refuses to sit still and overheats if he hasn’t been able to move for a long time.

Table of Contents

Special Weapon

Feisar’s special weapon, Feisar Mania (ファイザー・マニア Faizā Mania), utilizes his abilities against their target. By running fast enough, it can appear that there is more than one of him, causing it to be both disorienting to the target and harder to hit him. This takes a toll on Feisar as well, since he doesn’t have enough energy to do that for long periods of time. During necessary cooldown periods after utilization, Feisar will burn whoever touches him. If done incorrectly, he may run into a wall.

Damage Data Chart

Displays the amount of physical damage Feisar will receive from each special weapon.

Mega Buster KT Missile C. Cap NRG Flash Feisar Mania null null null null P2 Assist
1:3 1 2 4 0 -- -- -- -- 3:1





None currently.


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