This page contains information relevant to an RP universe - a lot of information on this page is not actually canon to Mega Man.

Misc. Info

Eye colour: Green
Country of origin: Denmark
Year: 1981
Lang: DK, ENG
Designer: yurasys
Related characters: Punk


General Information

NRG, sometimes spelled as Energy, is an electricity-based robot with an unknown original purpose. In 1985, he went AWOL, and eventually made his way to the US.

NRG is a very energetic robot, being able to tucker out the most energetic of people.


NRG is a man of below average height, with messy brown hair. He's usually seen wearing a black crop-top, a brown jacket, and black pants.


NRG is very upbeat and optimistic. He is also very trusting, which has put him in a lot of less than optimal situations. Despite this, he appears to never learn, and keeps getting into the same situations again and again.

Even if he gets into negative situation after negative situation, NRG appears to have a lot of luck. Many of the people who know him think it's a miracle that he hasn't ceased functioning due to how often parts of him get stolen, but he doesn't seem the slightest bit fazed.