Misc Information

Script: エナジー

Romaji: Enajī

Designer: Star

Eye Colour: Green

Country of Origin: Denmark/Norway

Era: 1980's



NRG, sometimes written as Energy (エナジー Enajī) is a robot with an unknown original purpose, but likes to spend his time at parties.

NRG is known amongst his community for being able to tucker out even the most energetic humans within a few hours. He is very agile among other things, and has a very welcoming and friendly personality. Unfortunately, his lack of boundaries ends up putting him in some awkward and even dangerous situations; occasionally he’ll wake up to find parts missing that he actually needs to function properly. He doesn’t seem too affected by this, though, and rarely learns from the experience.

NRG is a terrible storyteller but he’s got a lot of luck - this makes him popular among people who usually get in trouble with the law. He often discourages unlawful behaviour since he’s still committed to the safety of others, but that also means making sure the cops don’t intervene as well unless absolutely necessary.

Table of Contents

Special Weapon

NRG’s special weapon, NRG Flash, sometimes written as Energy Flash (エナジー・フラッシュ Enajī Furasshu), harnesses NRG’s energy in a way that provides an electric shock. If NRG rubs his hands together, they become electrically charged, and can either shock someone via contact or cause a generalized electric shock if he claps. The latter can light up entire rooms and has a possibility of blinding someone.

Damage Data Chart

Displays the amount of physical damage NRG will receive from each special weapon.

Mega Buster KT Missile C. Cap NRG Flash Feisar Mania null null null null P2 Assist
2:1 0 2 + 0 -- -- -- -- 2:1



Punk Čaklais


NRG and Punk have known each other since 1987. Unsurprisingly, the two met at a party and happened to click. They talk and spend time with each other fairly often, and NRG has often stayed at her house.

While NRG is unsure how to separate different kinds of feelings, he definitely feels close to her. He enjoys playing with her hair and styling it, and he likes to hear her talk about her day (he believes it's much more interesting than his). Over all, he's very glad they met.

Sofija Čaklais


NRG doesn't dislike Sofija, but doesn't like her. Personally, he thinks she needs to "loosen up" and stop worrying so much about her sister and his relationship with said sister. He also generally doesn't appreciate having a gun aimed at him in the middle of the night when he's just trying to talk to Punk.

P2-A & P2-B


NRG's been to their arcade a few times, and has interacted with both of them during his time there. He's personally much closer to P2-A (due to her more welcoming and friendly personality), but still likes talking to P2-B every so often. He personally thinks that their relationship with each other could take some work, and thinks P2-B needs to stop being a jerk to P2-A, but knows that there's no hope for that. He still occasionally visits with Punk to see the both of them.



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