Misc Information

Script: エンドゼラ

Romaji: Endozera

Designer: Star

Eye Colour: Blue

Country of Origin: Georgia

Era: 1960's



Endzela (エンドゼラ Endozera, kat. ენძელა) is a Georgian robot designed to take care of a garden. While her main focus is flowers and botany, she’s fairly knowledgeable about a variety of topics.

Endzela is a sweet, soft-spoken individual. She generally will not speak unless spoken to, and almost always uses the formal and polite version of the word “you” in the language she’s speaking (in Georgian, თქვენ or tqven is the formal “you”) and struggles when the spoken language lacks one. Due to her lack of English practice, she often mixes up “he,” “she,” and “it,” assuming they’re all the same.

Endzela’s favourite flower is a snowdrop (genus Galanthus). She functions well in average weather (24°C - 2°C), but doesn’t start to struggle until reaching more extreme temperatures (30°C - -10°C). She’s fluent in Georgian and Russian, and is decent with English. Her accent is pretty thick, however.

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Special Weapon

Endzela lacks a special weapon.

Damage Data Chart

Displays the amount of physical damage Endzela will receive from each special weapon.

Mega Buster KT Missile C. Cap NRG Flash Feisar Mania null null null null P2 Assist
1:2 5 1 1 10 -- -- -- -- 1:1

Displays the amount of mental damage Endzela will receive from each special weapon.

Mega Buster KT Missile C. Cap NRG Flash Feisar Mania null null null null P2 Assist
2:4 10 3 4 15 -- -- -- -- 3:2



Sofija Čaklais


Endzela and Sofija are pen-pals, and have been since the 70's. They are very emotionally close and have gotten close to meeting each other in person a few times, but unfortunately weren't able to before Sofija moved to the US. They still keep in touch with one-another and talk every so often.

Endzela thinks very highly of Sofija, but does think her personality has room for improvement; she believes that Sofi is far too quick to anger and very closeminded, and that she should probably get a therapist herself. She has a great respect for her line of work and her intelligence.

Endzela responds very quickly to the letters she receives from Sofija, and has called and telegrammed her on multiple occasions when she needs emotional support. She loves Sofija very dearly and would love to meet her in person someday, and also wants to meet her little sister. Endzela acts as an elder sister (sometimes more like a mother) to Sofija as well. Sofija often corrects Endzela's English.



Katyusha and Endzela's creators were very close with each other; because of this, Endzela was occasionally allowed to visit Katyusha at the Soviet Space Program. They didn't talk very often, but bonded over the colour purple among other things.

Endzela thinks well of Katyusha, and wants to help her get out more and explore the world. However, after Katyusha's deactivation in the mid-late 70's, that became impossible. Despite Katyusha's recent reactivation, Endzela still believes she's basically dead.



Endzela ran into Marusya occasionally when the latter was on her occasional visits to Georgia, but the two never talked much. Most of what Endzela has heard about Marusya is information from Katyusha, and doesn't sound very good (despite Katyusha's enthusiastic approach to the subject).


None currently.


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