Timeline... 2!

in case some randos find this um this is a timeline written down simply for convenience for an rpverse ty

Human born
Robot created
Human death
Robot death
Robot revived
Relationship (of any kind) start
Relationship (of any kind) end
Canon event


  • ????: Whatever Duo's a part of is created
  • ????: Stardroids get their fucking asses kicked
  • Pre-Classic

  • 19??: Katyusha's creator, Mikhail, is born (USSR)
  • 19??: Sofija and Punk's creator, Ruslan, is born (USSR; Latvia)

  • 1958: Dr Wily born (West Germany)
  • 1958: Dr Light born (USA)

  • 1961: Katyusha is created (USSR)
  • 1962: M born
  • 1963: Endzela is created (Georgian SSR)
  • 1965: Wily moves to USA
  • 1966: Katyusha and Endzela become friends
  • 1967-8: Alexander is created (USA)
  • 1968: Marusya is created (USSR)
  • 1969: Marusya is sent to the US

  • ~1970: Dr Cossack born (USSR)
  • 1970: Marusya and Alexander meet
  • 1973: Alexander killed by Marusya
  • 1973: Sofija is created (Latvian SSR)
  • 1975: Katyusha decommissioned
  • 1976: Ruta is created (PRL)
  • Late 1970s: Light and Wily meet
  • Late 1970s: Sofija and Ruta meet
  • Late 1970s: Mikhail dies
  • Late 1970s: Sofija and Endzela become pen-pals

  • 1981: NRG is created (Denmark)
  • 1985: NRG goes AWOL, makes it to US
  • 1986: Jenny (Punk) is created (Latvian SSR; sent to the US shortly after)
  • 1989: Punk and NRG meet

  • 1991: Marusya is put on standby
  • 1992: Punk goes AWOL
  • 1992: Ruslan dies
  • 1993: Sofija moves to the US
  • 1993: Sofija reunites with Punk
  • 1994: Light and Sofija meet
  • 1996: P2-A and B created (unknown country; reside in US)
  • 1997: Punk and NRG meet P2-A and B
  • Classic Era (200X-20XX)

  • 200X: Blues created (USA)
  • 200X: Kalinka born (Russia)
  • 200X: Sofija and Ruta begin to talk less
  • 200X: M dies
  • 200X: Blues runs away
  • 200X: Light and Wily stop talking
  • 200X: Rock, Roll, & the firsts are created (USA)
  • 200X: The events of MM1 take place

  • 200X: The seconds are created (USA)
  • 200X: The events of MM2 take place

  • 200X: Blues found by Wily
  • 200X: Light and Wily start talking again
  • 200X: The thirds are created (USA)
  • 200X: Shadowman found by Wily
  • 200X: The fourths (-Ring & Skull) are created (Russia)
  • 200X: The events of MM3 take place
  • 200X: Light and Wily stop talking again

  • 20XX: Stardroids & Sunstar found by Wily
  • 20XX: Ringman and Skullman are created (Russia)
  • 20XX: The events of MM4 take place
  • 20XX: Katyusha revived under mysterious circumstances
  • 20XX: Light and Dr Cossack become friends

  • 20XX: The fifths are created (USA)
  • 20XX: The events of MM5 take place

  • 20XX: All Stardroids have been revived (USA)
  • 20XX: The events of MMV take place

  • 20XX: Starman and Katyusha become friends
  • 20XX: Katyusha and Dr Cossack become friends
  • 20XX: The sixths are created (International)
  • 20XX: Cowpoke created (Canada; lives in US since)
  • 20XX: The first half of the sevenths are created/stolen (USA/International)
  • 20XX: Bass & Treble created (USA)
  • 20XX: The events of MM6 take place

  • 20XX: The events of MM7 take place
  • 20XX (MM7): The second half of the sevenths are created/stolen (USA/International)
  • 20XX: Luna found by Katyusha
  • 20XX: Marusya and Bass/Treble meet

  • 20XX: The eigths created/stolen (USA/International)
  • 20XX: Duo found by Rock
  • 20XX: The events of MM8 take place
  • 20XX: The ninths created (USA)

  • 20XX: Marusya and Bass/Treble meet again
  • 20XX: King created (USA)
  • 20XX: King's Army created (+ Tengu and Astro) (USA)
  • 20XX: The events of MM&B take place

  • 20XX: Bass visits Marusya more often
  • 20XX: The tenths created (International?)
  • 20XX: Katyusha meets Bass/Treble
  • 20XX: The events of MM9 take place

  • 20XX: The elevenths created (International)
  • 20XX: Axl appears in 20XX
  • 20XX: The events of MM10 take place
  • 20XX: Bass and Treble "move in" with Marusya

  • 20XX: The events of MM11 take place
  • 20XX: Feisar appears from the future

  • 20XX+: Feisar created (Denmark; lives in France since)
  • 20XX+: Feisar sent to 20XX
  • X Era