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Полнолуние (1988)

03. Так бывает 05. Велотрек 06. Диско 09. Путана

Танцуйте диско (1989)

02. Я забуду твои глаза 05. Мистер Микки Маус

Плохая девчонка (1990)

01. Плохая девчонка 02. Юрмала 03. Бармалей 04. Дождусь дождя 05. Джульетта 06. Прости меня 07. Прощальный школьный бал 08. Весенний сад 09. Так бывает 10. Диско 11. Путана

Незнакомец (1991)

03. Говори обо мне 09. Белый снег

Artist information

The group Анжелика (Anzhelika) was established in Saratov in 1998. The soloist of the group was former vocalist of the Saratov city recreation center 'Мир', graduate of the Faculty of Music of Saratov University, Yulia Geniush. Her sister Nadezhda also participated as a back-vocalist.

After the success of their demo album 'Полнолуние', the group recorded their debut album 'Танцуйте диско' at the contemporary music studio 'Поп-комбинат' in 1989. The album maintained the characteristic synth sound of the late 80's, typical of Perestroika disco. The group relocated to Moscow. Anzhelika's next album 'Плохая девчонка' was released by Record Studios in 1990, however Yulia and Nadezhda left for other projects. The group's composer Nikolai Mikhno and producer Igor Meshcheryakov started working under the group 'Шахерезада'.

In December of 1991, in creative alliance with composer Oleg Skiba, Yulia Geniush's solo project 'Незнакомец' was established. Nadezhda Geniush continued her career as a singer in the group 'Мяу', known for their hit 'Фредди Крюгер'.

Country of origin: Russia
Years active: 1988-1990
Genre: Synth-pop

Text translated from disco80.xyz.