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Мадригал будущих жен (1989)

02. Russian Girls 03. Белый вечер 04. Пойдём со мной

Московская прописка (1991)

02. Мовсковская прописка 04. Мама-Russia 08. Бухгалтер 12. American Boy

Два кусочека колбаски (1993)

02. Берег красный, берег левый 03. Два кусочека колбаски

Самая, самая... (1994)

02. А я люблю военных 03. Встреча на Манежной

Лучшие песни Виталия Окорокова (1992)

01. Russian Girls 03. Вишнёвая девятка 05. Белый вечер 06. Бухгалтер 08. American Boy

Artist information

'Комбинация' (Kombinacija) is a Soviet, and then Russian women's pop group, created in 1988 in Saratov and became extremey well known in the beginning of the 90's. Distinguished by a 'social' theme, practically every song reflected one issue or another in what was happening in society at the turn of the 80's and 80's: general shortage of goods, youth fashion, the popularity of certain attributes of a 'beautiful life', the boom of Latin American shows, the admiration for representatives of developed capitalist countries, and so on.

At the band's creation, the group consisted of Tatyana Ivanova, Alena Apina, Inessa Topiani, Olga Akhunova, and Svetlana 'Zosya' Kostyko. The group was created by Aleksandr Shishinin and Vitaly Okorokov. The group saw great success in the late 80's and early 90's. Tragically, Aleksandr Shishinin was murdered in 1993, and his murder is still unsolved to this day.

In 1990, Inessa left Комбинация. In 1991, Alena Apina left to pursue a solo career—in this same year, Lisa Myalik joined group. Olga Akhunova and Svetlana Kostyko left the group in 1992. Inessa and Olga both eventually returned in 1994, but left in 1995 again. A memmber who isn't mentioned, Svetlana Kashina, joined the band at some point, and seems to have replaced Alena. Akhunov reuturned to Комбинация in 2001, leaving in 2007, and then returned again from 2008-2010. In more recent times, a group called 'New Комбинация' was created, consisting solely of Alena Apina and Tatyana Ivanova.

Country of origin: Russia
Years active: 1988-Present
Genre: Synth-pop, Europop

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