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I may suck at HTML but that don't mean I can't have some fun with what I know. It's pretty lonely here now, but eventually there should be more stuff.

Will add a ToC when there are more categories/stuff. Also planning to alphabetize it. Dunno.

Paroles / Lyrics

Songs I've translated into English. If you want to post these translations elsewhere, you're free to, but link back here or something maybe.

Monsieur Bizarre / Mister Bizarre

Transylvanie / Trannsylvania

Rêveur / Dreamer

Fou de vous / Fool for you

Le mendiant de l'amour / The beggar of love

Allez viens / Come on

Salons Lepage

Rends-moi la télécommande / Return the remote control

La chanson d'Orhpée / The song of Orpheus

Une flêche dans le coeur / An arrow to the heart

Réveille-moi / Wake me

Music music mus'hic

Assorted Bullshit

The Eb Chronicles; the story of this asshole on the internet.

Typing Quirk; shut the hell up.

Music Searching Tools