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The Eb Chronicles

This is edited for clarity. This was an ask I (privately, for length) answered about the situation on Tumblr.

Time posted: ~Nov-Dec 2019 | Last edited: Jan 2020

bongwater asked: Are you the person I should ask about Hayashi??? Idk who that IS

YEAH that’s me! I’d send a DM but also I'm unsure if you’re ok with that so I’ll answer this privately (I'm well aware that theyve seen my posts and are sending me anons but. Y'know)

I’m gonna start with the stuff I experienced, but I’ll go further and explain the other stuff after; I'm just trying to go in chronological order (with how I received the information myself)

CW (discussed): racism, islamophobia, mention of school shooters, transphobia I guess?, sexual harassment

CW (mentioned in passing): pedophilia

BASICALLY, I knew Hayashi back when they went by Eb mainly, and like

I used to go by the name Chip and had a Discord server; they were among the first 20 people to join I guess? They were fine (albeit a bit weird) and at the time I felt bad for them because it seemed like they were just being harassed for no good reason (I dont remember the details, but I remember their old Discord account was deleted and we had to reinvite them).

They were OK up until an ex-friend (I’ve named them publicly but I’ll call them Q for the sake of their privacy here) and I had drama, and then they tried to tarnish their opinion of me further by saying something like “I think Chip doesnt like me bc of my mental disorders” or whatever which was NOT true, and me being much younger at the time (maybe not in age but definitely in maturity) just DM’d them to let them know that I was there for them if they needed someone to talk to at the time? And they were like “thanks” and that was our conversation.

Eventually Q and I were in the same server run by another friend, and in THAT server, Eb was like. showing no remorse for the whole “kids in cages thing” happening down by the US-Mexican border, had an affinity for the columbine shooters, whatever; it was a lot. I dont remember the specifics. I ended up leaving this server before Eb did, and the drama between Q and I died down but we didn’t go back to talking or anything.

So anyway, I learned that Q and his friends had banned Eb and that Eb was harassing Q while he was streaming on YouTube. In order to prevent anything happening in my server (as well as Eb trying to say some shit about Q in my server and cause shit), I banned them. Q and I got back into contact and we all kinda were making fun of them (mostly due to the anxiety of the time I think) and Eb was still harassing Q and blahblahblah it gets repetitive

Eventually I think I spoke out more during the shit happening and then Eb went into my CuriousCat (and occasionally Tumblr) to start sending me harassing messages, and I would humour some and ignore some; eventually I had enough and was getting mad at them on CuriousCat blahblahblah

I remember very specifically they started to sexually harass me (I can send screenshots of what I have if you want) and I was feeling very sick while reading them, and I can’t tell if it was all anxiety or the Taco Bell I was eating was contributing to it (that’s not a funnie jab at taco bell either, it genuinely makes me nauseous) and like. I had a boyfriend at the time and I know they knew but they said they didnt when I pointed it out. Whatever.

They also said something like “kill illegals and drink the blood” or something in my inbox as well as “you’re blessed with white skin. wish mine was whiter” and like a ton of racism and islamophobia as well with saying something about muslims being in a pedo cult or whatever.

At some point during all that, we learned that Eb had somehow had drama in the Miiverse Wikia community, as well as like having drama with some LGBT (maybe MOGAI, unsure) community, and then a few months later Q and I learned about the callout blog (@capn-hayashireceipts) and I'm sure you can find stuff on there that they did too but thats where my knowledge ends.

Eb is the reason I’m on this Tumblr account now instead of my old one, and they’ve harassed me for pronouns I’ve used and got mad at me once bc I said one of my ocs is a nonbinary lesbian???? The harassment generally has died down for me (unsure abt Q and the others since we don’t really talk often anymore) and really the only time they come into my inbox is when I mention them but at this point it’s worth it for me to warn people rather than to just shut up.

So you can see why I’ve got mega whiplash with Eb randomly showing up at drinstadiscourse’s blog and being like “peepee poopoo” or whatever they said before the ask was deleted (at least I think it was - I didnt see the post, but I saw everyone talking abt them, so)

There’s SOMETHING I’m missing, so if you suddenly see me show up in your inbox it might just be me clarifying what that missing information is.

This all started in July of 2018 and died down near November 2018, but would randomly spike back up whenever Eb decided to bother us again.

So that's it, yeah. I might add more information past this/reword it better eventually but this is probably the best retelling I can muster at this point in time. Q would likely have more information, but him and I don't speak anymore. Will gather links eventually though, if I can find any.

For now you can see some of what I dealt with on my old CuriousCat, but please keep in mind I was 14 (maybe freshly 15 at oldest) when this all went down. So I may have said something stupid.

Feel free to link here if you know of Eb and someone asks about them, I guess. Their former aliases that I can remember are ebflover777, Eb, Hayashi, and Snebby, but I'm definitely missing some. I do not know any of their social media as of this moment; even if I did, I would discourage harassment.

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