lol imagine having a homestuck quirk

There is a Homestuck-themed Mastodon instance I have found myself on, and they have a system that I like to take advantage of.

My quirk is a mix of Latin, Turkic (I think), and Cyrillic (or otherwise Slavic) letters. The letters (mostly) replace their true counterparts in the Latin alphabet.

This gets a bit hard to understand, but you get the hang of it eventually.

Original Quirked
B Б, б
dge (ie bridge) DŻ, dż
Dj (ie Djordje) Đ, đ
E Э, э
Gh Ğ, ğ
i ı
Ph Ф, ф
Q Қ, қ
Sh Šš, Şş
Shch ŠČ, šč
tch (ie watch, catch) ć, Ć
V В, в
Z З, з
Zh Ż, ż

various examples

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog | thэ қuık бrown fox jumps oвэr thэ laзy dog


You’rэ a wild animal and nothıng morэ, and you şould бэ trэatэd as such. Actually, i’m ın faвor of sэllıng you to thэ nэarэst зoo, and haвэ small dэmon-childrэn throw pэanuts and scrэam slurs at you.

- - -

Hmm. Somэonэ dısagrээs wıth thэ furry agэnda, im gonna causэ вэry mild annoyancэs and thэy wıll бэcomэ a furry I am smart I am truly a prodigal child I’m goıng to wın a Noбэl pэacэ priзэ I’m Fuckıng nэxt lэвэl ıntэlligэnt I’m so smart I’m so вэry smart I my smart ıs Almost friğtэnıng how smart and diplomatıc I am I’m smart I’m smart I’m smart I’m smart

- - -

lэt’s say, i dont эat flakэs. lэt’s say, hypothэtıcally, i nэвэr atэ flakэs эвэn. ok, and ıf i nэвэr atэ flakэs i would also бэ a fuckэr riğt? thэn hypothэtıcally spэakıng fuckэr nэвэr atэ flakэs. now that wэ’вэ эstaбlışэd i'm бoth a fuckэr and haвэ nэвэr atэ flakэs, thэn i бэliэвэ you’d agrээ wıth mэ whэn i say that i am fnaf. am i not corrэct? fuckэr nэвэr atэ flakэs and as i am a fuckэr, i am fnaf

- - -

thıs ıs prэtty wholэsomэ guys so i was бrowsıng pэwdiэpiэs rэddıt just hatıng fortnıtэ likэ usual whэn i saw thıs rэally wholэsomэ 100 post. ıt was kэanu rээвэs and hıs hugэ gurthy dık out. my эyэs poppэd out of my sockэts. ıt was so бэautıful. likэ any normal бэıng, i startэd fappıng to ıt. whэn i бustэd a nut, i lookэd бэhınd mэ, hıs эyэs startıng riğt at mэ. бut thэn hэ transformэd ınto бig chungus and i was likэ WOOW! so wэ had sэx

- - -

oh ur approachıng mэ???? *holds up Stand arrow* my namэ ıs Yošikagэ Kira- jk lol actually u can call mэ H A Y A T O!!!!!!!! lol…as u can sээ im a hugэ Jojo fan!!!! thats why i camэ hэrэ, too mээt Joбros likэ mэ _… im 13 yэars old (I play ratэd M gamэs tho!!) i likэ 2 wać pэwdiэpiэ w/ my бoyfrэınd (im бi бc of coursэ I am) hэd our faвorıtэ youtuбэr!!! бcuз hэs SOOOO GOATэd!!!! My бf ıs a Joбro to of coursэ бut i want too mээt morэ Jojo ppl =) likэ thэy say thэ morэ thэ mэrriэr!!!! lol…nэways i hopэ 2 makэ alot of frэınds hэrэ so giвэ mэ lots of commэntsэs!!!! KONO DIO DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ⟵ mэ бэın random agaın _^ hэhэ… your nэxt lınэ wıll бэ "Hэwooo!!!!!