inactive alters, de-facto protectors, memory holders

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Blues has no real role, but he's assumed to be a protector (and possibly a memory holder).

Age: 18

Pns: He/him

Role: Unknown (appears to be protector)

Since: Mid-2018

Table of Contents

Personal Self-Description

I like people. I'm kind of talkative. I'm chill.

I've been around here for a while compared to a good lot of us, but I've still got a lot to learn. I'm friendly, but I don't particularly announce my presence that often.

Feel free to talk to me if you see me around. I don't mind. In fact, I'd enjoy the company.

General Description

Blues has a fairly sarcastic sense of humour, though will apologize if he does end up hurting someone. He's also not one to shy away from jokes of a more nsfw manner, but he's smart enough to know when those are and aren't appropriate. He's always happy to act as an elder sibling or uncle to the friensd who need it, already acting as one for many people in the system. He can make sense of French and Russian like most of us, though he has a harder time coming up with words and his accent is horrible. All the more to annoy people with, though, right?

Blues is one of the more elusive alters of the system. Like Dave, he tends to pop in for a little bit before disappearing for a while, though he appears to have short bursts of activity in somewhat quick succession. He's one of the most independent system members, only really relying on other people when he has to. He's more accustomed to the loneliness that's become the norm in the system, so he can front for long periods of time if he really has to (though this is yet to happen). He's one of three alters with this quirk.