inactive alters, persecutors, caretakers

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Crash is a persecutor and caretaker.

Age: 19

Pns: He/him

Role: Persecutor + caretaker

Since: Mid 2019

Table of Contents

Personal Self-Description


General Description

Crash has slipped off the radar in recent months, though he is friendly. His English is a bit clunky, though usually you can tell his meaning and intention with little difficulty. That being said, he's a bit unpredictable, and his mood shifts a bit faster than other alters. His sense of humour also doesn't always vibe (similarly to Forte), though he will always apologize if something he said is wrong.

Crash generally just spends his time doing normal things when in front, though he seems to crave meat more than the other alters. He also is a bit clunky with typing and writing and other things that require hands, so some things he does may seem unnatural or forced. As mentioned above, his English is a bit clunky, taking out contractions where you would usually have them and describing things in an unusual way.