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Dave is a memory holder.

Age: 19

Pns: He/him

Role: Memory holder

Since: Mid 2018

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Personal Self-Description


General Description

Dave is probably the quietest alter, whether intentional or not. He's able to blend in the best out of everyone, and is part of the trio who can handle a major amount of loneliness. He's only really good with English, but if you talk music then you're speaking his language. He is friendly, and will likely like you. However, please note that it's hard to hold a relationship with him due to his inactivity. He is known to message people after years have passed, though, so he'll never forget you.

Dave is the most elusive non-dormant alter in the system. He fronts for a little bit once every few months, often just to make some snide remark or maybe take care of things for an hour. He is one of the few alters where we know the trauma that caused him, and he's one of the few alters who won't shy away from talking about that kind of stuff (evidenced by the fact he told both our therapist and mother the reason he was there, but not who he was).

During his first time fronting (and being aware of it), he adopted the nickname "Tambourine Man" after seeing a tambourine on the school's corkboard labelled "contraband". Since then, he's used that for his music and social media, even going as far as to incorporate it when talking to other Daves, calling himself "Tambourine Dave" to differentiate himself. That being said, he doesn't give a single shit damn or fuck about his source, so a lot of the things you say will probably fly over his head. He's very "What the fuck, I'm just vibing", both in the best and worst senses. He seems a bit stuck in the past, as it were.

You can get a decent idea of Dave's personally by his music and what he listens to; he's probably the only alter to actively listen to artists that were popular in the 2000s (save for Elise), with Eminem and Shakira being the top two. With his own compositions, they tend to sound very spacey and/or old-school, usually a mix between the two. Most of his compositions are from 2018. His most recent one is displayed below: