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Elise is the core of the system.

Age: 17 (as of 2020)

Pns: She/her

Role: Core

Since: 2003

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Personal Self-Description

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General Description

Elise is probably the most confusing member of the system. She went dormant for 5 years after the family divorce, and it appears to have stunted her mentally; she's capable of acting her age, but seems to teeter between acting 8 and acting right. She's known to make sex jokes (mostly "I'm sexy" jokes), and warms up to people fairly fast as long as they don't shun her. She's also known for having pretty bad taste, becoming attached to characters that would probably hurt her in real life (the most notable example being Mori Ougai from Bungou Stray Dogs). She's okay with French and some Russian, but ultimately will just respond to you in English if you say anything to her, having only an "around the house" vocabulary.

Elise has a "parent collection" consisting of alters and friends who are older than her. Obviously if one were to be uncomfortable with being called mom or dad, she'd not have them become part of the "parent collection", but many of her friends even around her age have become part of it over the years. She tends to differentiate between them pretty easily (most notably being able to differentiate between Lukas and Anikka versus Alastair and Gena) and would be happy to clarify if you're confused. People who do not wish to be in the parent collection may be part of the aunt and uncle collection, or may just be friends she looks up to. She doesn't appear to have a firm grasp on relationships with peers, and it's unsure if she really did as a kid, either.

Elise displays strange symptoms, most notable of which is her lack of properly accepting reality and throwing herself into childhood. Another big (though uncommon) one is her absolute rejection of the body, often avoiding mirrors or not focusing on them if she has to see one. She's the opposite of Gena in a lot of ways, most notably that she solely listens to the kind of music that makes Gena extremely uneasy. Even if she weren't the core, she'd still be an extremely valuable member of the system, as she's the only one who really remembers much about the system's childhood at all. She often will talk about things she remembers in an effort to get people (both in and out of system) to realize things about themselves, almost as if she's trying to do the same with herself.

- - - WARNING: Vague mentions of pedoshit from here on - - -

Elise is naturally drawn to people who would hurt her, usually on account of the fact that she's young. There seems to be no real reason for this at the moment, and the most that anyone can do is make sure she's safe. She's offered her body in exchange for a stessful situation to stop happening, and she seems to enjoy whatever attention she gets, no matter how dangerous. During 2017, she was very close to becoming a pedo apologist, but seems to have grown from that, and now feels very uneasy and guilty when thinking about that time. Nobody really knows what happened to her when she was the host to make her act like this, including her.

- - - pedoshit talk over - - -

To add to the people who may hurt her, she tends to be drawn to persecutors especially, clinging to people like Forte and people who are mean as if they'd make an exception for her. While Forte has, there is a very big chance she may not get so lucky one day... and there are times where she hasn't. For information and clarificaton on anything mentioned, you're more likely to get an answer out of Gena than out of Else's own mouth.