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Gena is a caretaker and general purpose alter.

Age: Young adult

Pns: He/him or it/its

Role: Host, caretaker + general

Since: 2006

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Personal Self-Description

ummm im the one people usually talk to. idk what to say here O_O

it is pretty easy to get my attention if u start talking abt music. i tend to go internet spelunking for a lot of my faves so if u ever want to hear abt my WaCkY aDvENtUrEs then just ask lol. as long as im there

General Description

Gennady ("Gena" for short) is the longest standing alter in the system. While he isn't the core, he's been host for the majority of the system's life, and has not gone dormant once. He's friendly - albeit sarcastic - and tends to have the easiest time getting along with people, both in and out of system. His experience has allowed him to become very adaptable, but this has been both a blessing and a curse. He's the most capable with language out of the entire system, being able to speak and translate French somewhat fluently, and having no problems with Russian. He's more likely to make an effort to understand what you're saying if it's neither of those or English.

If you don't know who's fronting, you can usually assume it's either Gena or someone who doesn't want to say who they are. Gena's forced into front for many a situation, regardless of the severity, simply because he'd know how to deal with it the easiest. He's needed a break for a while now, but it seems like the brain isn't quite ready to let him rest. He is one of the three alters used to the loneliness of the system, and has the easiest time coping.

An Alter of All Trades

Being around for as long as he has, it only makes sense that Gena would have traits of multiple types of roles. He is formally classified (internally) as a caretaker, however he appears to have both persecutor and run-of-the-mill protector tendencies. During 2017, he appeared to behave closer to that of a persecutor (however what was Gena and what was Forte is unknown). Over all, it's not impossible to tack on the protector role to him, but "caretaker" is more specific in how he interacts with other alters. Due to his what can only be described as encyclopaedic knowledge of the system, he shares traits similar to a gatekeeper and internal self-helper as well. If the system weren't so used to him being host, he would function well in those roles as well.

Gena's vision is noticeably worse than the rest of the system, and the first dissociative symptom he's able to notice relates to it. He's never quite focused on anything he's looking at, and, depending on the day, the system's eyeglasses make it worse, adjusting the field of view in a way that looks wrong and uncanny compared to simple blurry vision. His simplest solution is to avoid wearing glasses unless necessary - if it gets bad enough without glasses, he's good enough at guesswork and has memorized the keyboard well enough that the only thing hindering him is whatever other symptoms he's experiencing.

Gena has the most shattered identity of the entire system. He's clearly a single person, but his frequent shifts in appearance can throw people off in system. He's very quick to clear these things up, however, and generally makes sure that people know it's him. He goes by muliple names (his real name is Gena though) and tends to very easily separate himself from himself. Despite this, he's also very good at telling the difference between his actions and former alters' actions (though always taking responsibility), helping the system figure out who did what and when who appeared, etc.