The system has sorted itself into groups for organization purposes. Some may be made for japes and jokes, but ultimately they serve a purpose as to distinct what these groups have that others do not. The boxes scroll, so information may look confusingly cut off.

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Research Team

The Research Team consists of the alters that are most knowledgeable either about DID or the system itself. Roughly, they're in charge of this page's upkeep.

Theoretically, anyone could fall under this category, but there appear to be certain things in place so that people around for x amount of time don't end up sorted here on accident.

Members and their purpose


Gena knows and can recall history of certain alters from the past, and roughly their times of activity (in years) and appears to make a pretty good guess as to who has integrated and who is just dormant. He also appears to have a pretty good sense of who everyone is personality-wise, as he's made a thread on Twitter full of videos and tagging fellow alters (and himself). Other alters do contribute, but he's the biggest one.

All in all, he appears to have the most knowledge about events spanning the system's life, but especially of life since 2011.


Sasha mostly does research on DID, what it is, and what certian symptoms could mean for the system. Being the first alter to understand that something is wrong (albeit not having a word for it at the time), he seems most interested in figuring out ways to make things better for the system as a whole. He's better at determining alters' roles and how they function as an alter rather than their personality.

Sasha also can provide insight on certain things that Gena may have forgotten about events between 2011 and 2014, as it appears Gena has a bit of amnesia toward that time, unless the event was very major...


Mouse mostly sets things up in terms of informational pages for the system. While she mostly makes sure it looks good, she set up the framework for the alter pages and helped to standardize certain practices (such as the categorization of alters outside just their role). She also appears to have a decent understanding of who everyone outside of the system is to them, and is able to recall alter roles, functions, and history about as decently as Sasha (as long as it's between 2019 and now, or she's been given the information otherwise).

Mouse will likely take the role of communicator if something happens and the other two aren't able to, as she's on pretty good terms with the system and seems to be well respected.

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Sunday Quartet

The Sunday Quartet consists of alters who frequently front on days of responsibility, such as laundry day (which coincidentally falls on a Sunday).

While an alter like Gena could make an appearance in this group, it appears that these alters have been taking over more often than not, as we find it easier to differentiate who's there.

Members and their purpose


Mouse is the most likely to front on laundry day, doing everything she can (even folding and putting away clothes) as efficiently possible. She's very quick when it comes to mapping out time and calculating exactly what time she would need to return to the laundry room so that the clothes don't sit there all wet and she doesn't have to check all the time. She also appears to be more willing to take on larger tasks such as washing the sheets (however, she won't do it unless forced to). She enjoys tidying up but will get about as lazy as everyone else, and will refuse to clean certain things if she believes it's too far gone. She'll do everything she can to make the tasks more enjoyable, such as using our MP3 player to listen to music instead of silence when home alone.

In a way, you could say she's almost like the leader.


Forte generally tags along when Mouse does her rounds. He seems to be more focused on making sure that the system takes care of itself, either egging Mouse on to shave the body's legs or doing it himself, and also making sure that the system eats. He will carry on Mouse's tasks if she leaves for whatever reason, but tends to be much lazier about it (and arguably... begrudgingly so).

If there are people home, he tends to shy away from doing anything, hating the feeling of someone walking in on him doing something good.


Elise usually substitutes for Mouse if nobody else does, and is much more lax about what she's doing. She's a bit slower on the mathematics side (for time), but will check in every few minutes if need be. She'll take Sundays as "me days" and will usually just make food and hang out, sometimes shaving the body's legs (either because she wants to or because Forte wants someone to). She gets distracted and sucked into the television very fast, however.


Nothing is particularly different with Rock, serving more as a substitute for Mouse and company/moral support for any alter in cofront. He'll take on tasks himself, and is more likely to come to front if Forte is there with nobody else. However, this isn't always the case.

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Shithead Trifecta

The Shithead Trifecta was a group made as a joke, but consists of the three alters who are most accustomed to/can handle loneliness better as compared to other alters.

Being host appears to require the ability to adapt to things and talk less, a quality all three of these members present. Because of the system's relationship with emotional neglect, they also need to be able to hide themselves and their feelings perfectly to make way for things like survival. While these alters aren't emotionless, they tend to express less than the average alter, and appear to have roles related to listening rather than talking.

If one of them disappears, it's predicted another will step in and become host. However, this is not entirely the case...

Members and their purpose


Gena is host, and the most emotive of the Trifecta.


Dave is the least emotive of the trifecta, and is also the one who suggested the group exist. He's very good at surviving on his own (or what could be considered such, given the circumstances) and will just take care of whatever he needs to, barely talking unless something important has come up.


Blues takes things very un-seriously unless they have to be. He works better as a protector (very closely to how Gena works as a caretaker) but appears to be able to handle being alone for longer periods of time, almost preferring it. If something happens to Gena, he appears to be willing to take over for him.

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