inactive alters, protector, memory holder

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James is a protector, and appears to be a memory holder as well.

Age: 211

Pns: Any -she

Role: Protector, memory holder

Since: 2009

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Personal Self-Description

I'm James. I don't front super often but I'd love to chat.

I wouldn't say there's that much to me but it depends on how you look at it. There isn't much I can talk about but I do like history. I'm from Hell, if that matters. I don't think most people care.

General Description

James is a very friendly and nonchalant kind of person, though he can become uptight if someone genuinely does rub him the wrong way. It's pretty easy to avoid, and he's learned to not take things personally, but if he tells you to leave him alone, you should listen.

James was reportedly most active in 2016-2018, dropping off the radar after that. He clearly still exists, but he only really shows up every now and then nowadays. He's one of the few alters in which we know what caused him to appear, though it's unclear if he's personally affected by that trauma.