art: ferry (nopanamaman)

active alters, general purpose

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KT is a general purpose alter.

Age: 15 (as of 2020)

Pns: She/her

Role: General

Since: Early 2019

Table of Contents

Personal Self-Description

девушка мяса это я

i like to talk a lot but i kind of suck at it. i think enstars is cool and i like anime boys but i don't really know much about it, feel free to talk to me about them though

i don't take kindly to freaks. but also most people aren't freaks so i'm sure you are fine)

General Description

KT is very similar to Elise in terms of silliness and acting like a child, however KT doesn't really have a mature setting. She is very friendly, though might take a second to get used to you. Her English is about as clunky as Maria's.

KT can deal with pretty much everything, but her lack of life experience means that she usually has to be monitored, and she isn't trusted with tasks like cooking.