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inactive alters, unknown role

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Marian is an alter with an unknown role, but appears to be general purpose.

Age: Young adult

Pns: She/her

Role: Unknown (likely general)

Since: 2020

Table of Contents

Personal Self-Description


General Description

Marian is a very quiet alter. She's not necessarily friendly or unfriendly, though she may come off as cold because she tends to be short and concise with her words. She's very polite, however. She seems to only be good with English. She enjoys music a lot, but hasn't had the time to look for things that she likes personally. In headspace, she tends to drag people into the water with her if they bother her too much.

Marian is very quiet, and never announces her presence unless necesary. There are an exception or two, but she tends to just work on her own or sit on the sidelines, sort of "keeping company" as the other alter in cocon does whatever they need to do. She would love to talk more, but she's one of the many alters affected by our internalized ableism, and feels out of place due to it.