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Mouse is a caretaker and general purpose alter.

Age: 16

Pns: She/her

Role: Caretaker + general

Since: Dec 2019

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Personal Self-Description

I go by another name but yeah Mouse works I guess. Umm you're most likely to catch me on a Sunday! Or late at night. But I don't really um... I don't really talk? But I'd love to change that!

I don't have much to talk about. My interests mostly align with my source, but I'd be happy to learn about stuff you're interested in!

General Description

Mouse is one of the friendlier and more talkative alters. She also enjoys helping others as much as she can; if you have something you need assistance with, she'll try to find resources for you, if she can't do anything else. Her language capabilities align heavily with Elise's; however, she struggles with speaking anything other than English, and is unable to translate for others.

Mouse is most active every laundry day, and is one of the more productive alters of the system as a whole. While she has her limits, she loves to tidy up and finds peace in having every chore done. She also is a fan of organization, and has taken after Gena and curated her own little collection of music (all French). If you ask her about it, she'll send you the collection.