art: ferry (nopanamaman)

inactive alters, ANP

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Pasha is an ANP.

Age: 760 (as of 2020)

Pns: He/him

Role: ANP

Since: Late 2017

Table of Contents

Personal Self-Description


General Description

Pasha (He will likely prefer Pavel Mikhailovich or just Pavel from new people) is one of the less friendly alters in the system. Like Forte, he's fairly no-nonsense, but he's not necesasrily mean unless you interpret his words that way. He has a hard time understanding how people work (in the sense of physical health) and appears to have a higher pain tolerance than most other alters. This appears to present itself in headspace, as he doesn't particularly care about getting injured and has been seen sewing himself back together.

Pasha is tired, to say the least. He's not particularly active anymore, but he's one of the many alters conditioned to shut up and not announce his presence, so you'll rarely see him talk of his own. He has little reason to announce himself regardless as he doesn't know many people personally, and just prefers to get whatever he needs to get done, done. He does seem to appreciate when people acknowledge him.