inactive alters, general purpose

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Pharaoh is a fairly inactive general purpose alter.

Age: Young adult

Pns: He/him

Role: General

Since: Early 2020

Table of Contents

Personal Self-Description


General Description

Pharaoh (often written as Faraon) is not very talkative, and has little idea how to act around women specifically (he's respectful, just nervous). Despite this, he does try his hardest to be friendly and get along. He seems a bit timid, and his English is a bit choppy, but he'll understand most of what you say (not to say misunderstandings aren't common). If you ask him for music recommendations, you may get some pretty old stuff, or you might get schlager. His favourite artists appear to align with Gena and Roll's tastes, though his favourite singers are Лариса Мондрус and Вячеслав Добрынин as of now.

Pharaoh does not announce his presence often, preferring to blend in with the system, partially out of fear. However, he's easier to spot than others, considering his sense of humour and way of speaking stick out like a sore thumb compared to the others (that is, if you're looking for it). There's nothing wrong with pointing him out; he'll probably just laugh and go "You got me".