inactive alters, general purpose

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Quick is an alter with no known purpose.

Age: 17-18

Pns: He/him

Role: Unknown

Since: Mid 2015

Table of Contents

Personal Self-Description


General Description

Quick has a very fast-paced personality, though he's also a bit scatterbrained. He's very friendly, albeit a little mean, but he never means any harm. He's a fan of the feeling schadenfreude, though, so he may laugh at you after an unfortunate happening before asking if you're okay. He's smart enough to know what's too far, though, and will apologize accordingly. He's not a fan of being compared to others, and seems to get snippy even if you were to say he's better than someone. He's very likely to tell you to cut it out if you're actually going too far, but weakly. He's only really good at English, but seems to be picking up on French quickly.

Quick doesn't front all that much, but he's a helluva lot when he does. He has the most obvious accent out of everyone in the system (he doesn't sound foreign, just hilarious) though can mimic a normal-sounding person pretty easily. He tends to stumble over his words a lot, often replacing "th" sounds with "d" sounds and skipping over some T sounds even when he's trying to be normal. In front, he tends to just function normally, though he has an affinity for racing games and will get completely immersed in Mario Kart if not distracted by something else prior. He's known to backseat drive when someone else is playing Mario Kart and he's in cofront.