inactive alters, general purpose

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Rock is a general purpose alter.

Age: 16

Pns: He/him

Role: General

Since: Mid-2019

Table of Contents

Personal Self-Description

Also responds to Quint.

I'm friendly! But I'm not very good at making conversation. I'll listen to you talk about stuff if you want, but I'm kind of bad at acknowledging people. I rarely announce my presence, but I still like to talk to people. I just get nervous.

General Description

Rock is friendly, though keeps to himself most of the time. He's not super talkative, but does really like the company. He's best at English and can understand French, but this is the extent of his language capabilities.

Rock tends to just do his own thing. Usually this means doing homework or simply just hanging out, maybe watching the TV or YouTube or something to pass the time. He doesn't tend to announce his presence as much as his sister. He'll take over whatever responsibiities he has to while in front.