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Sasha is a memory holder.

Age: Unknown

Pns: He/him or She/her

Role: Memory holder

Since: 2011 (Nov 2020*)

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Personal Self-Description

hey! i don't really know what to say here but i'm friendly i think. i tend to babble on a lot so i might be annoying but i'm hoping to spread positivity to others :)

ask me about music, i won't bite! though i think most of my music taste is stuff people have heard or already have an opinion on :|

General Description

Alexander (Sasha for short) is the most polite, happiest alter in the system. Having reappeared just a week ago as of writing this, little information about how he will act in the future is unknown. He seems to only understand English, but can read cyrillic (and could probably understand French if he tried, but due to when he integrated and when he reappeared, this is a complete mystery). He doesn't seem quite complete yet, but complete enough to front on his own.

Sasha split initially after the family divorce, most likely to be the one to feel positive emotions and have positive coping mechanisms. While he did not front all the time, it appears all his memories of that time are happy, and he has very little teenage angst. He gets distracted very, very easily by music. He integrated with Gena in the mid 2010s, but appears to have split off again for an unknown reason. He seems to be the most noticeable, whether it be passive influence or actual fronting. It's unknown what his role was then, and it's unknown if 'memory holder' will continue to be his only role now.

Sasha has a history of being persuasive, though mostly with little things (one example is convincing a friend in elementary school that VOCALOIDs were real). At the same time, he seems dedicated to whatever he wants to learn more about, and will share his findings as he goes and clarify any misconceptions that he thinks may have happened or are brought to his attention (this is a trait he shares with Gena). He was the first alter to say something about having DID (albeit not having words for it at the time), and researches what he can about the disorder to verify what he's experiencing and make it easier to explain to others. His information is outdated on the system's carrd, as it still lists him as 'Rin'.

A telltale sign of his (at least internally) appears to be when certain songs (such as Love You Like a Love Song) get stuck in the current fronter's head. It becomes more obvious the more distracted by music one becomes, but it's unknown how much he passively influences and how much he switches out. It's believed that his appearance may shift in-system, but this has little evidence as of now.