active alters, unknown role

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As of writing this, Trish is the newest alter in the system.

Age: 17

Pns: She/her

Role: Unknown

Since: 2020

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Personal Self-Description

uhh i'm here. i'm still getting used to things as of writing this and i'm kinda shy but i'm sure i'll warm up to you. i'm not really sure how all this internet works ... please excuse me if i fuck up or something. i really am trying to get used to this

General Description

Trish appears somewhat shy. She notably was afraid of telling her name to one of the system's closer friends, and appears to struggle with being social as a whole. However, she is fairly sweet when she warms up to you. Her language capabilities as of the moment do not appear to be up to par with the other active alters in the system, however she's more likely to be a bit more adaptable with such. She has an affinity for the Italian language.

Trish will only announce her presence if she's deemed you trustworthy or if she's really just craving interaction as herself. During the few times she's fronted, she seems to be more of the latter. Her inexperience with the internet appears to be a detriment to her, as she doesn't understand half the shit people are saying. Currently, there is not enough information to know what causes her to front compared to other alters.