Андрей Разин is likely the oldest soloist in Ласковый май, being about 10 years older than Юрий Шатунов. His music career started in the 1980's and has continued until today (with a brief break between 1992-2007). More recently, Andrei Razin has also involved himself in politics, currently being an advisor for the mayor of Yalta.

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Поёт Андрей Разин

Маскарад (1989) Translation status: Complete!

01. Гудбай, бэби!* 03. Маскарад

*Not in this album, but has his own version

От Белых роз до Эльдорадо (1995) Translation status: Incomplete

09. Фатима 12. Мне больше не нужно 14. Розовый вечер

Розовый вечер (1996) Translation status: Incomplete

01. Розовый вечер

Лучшее (1996) Translation status: Incomplete

04. Фатима

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