Country of origin: Kazakhstan
Years active: 1967-


The first professional VIA in the republic. The ensemble was created by students at the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. The founders of the group and the very first artists—Dosım Suleev, Murat Kusainov, Khamit Sanbaev, Aleksandr Litvenenko, Sharil Omarov, Bakıt Jumadilov, Kurmanay Omarova. The young musicians performed old Kazakh folk songs and their own compositions, which in their original arrangement immediately became hits.

Official recognition of the ensemble was achieved in 1971, having one first place in the All-Union Festival of Friendship of Peoples in Tashkent. Later 'Дос-Мұқасан' (Dos-Mukasan) became a laureate of the All-Union Amateur Art Competition in Minsk, winning a gold medal at the World Festival of Youth and Students in Berlin. In 1974, the ensemble became a laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize of Kazakhstan. In 1977 the collective visited the US through the State Concert.

The ensemble still exists in Kazakhstan, where it's called 'Казахские Блитз' (Kazakh Blitz). At the firm 'Мелодия', 'Дос-Мұқасан' released two LPs. Their most known and popular song is 'Той жыры' (1973).

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Дос-Мұқасан has many releases. Please check a website like Discogs for more information.