Country of origin: Russia
Years active: 1971-1980


VIA 'Калинка' (Kalinka) was created at 'Ленконцерт' in the summer of 1971 by Sergei Lavrovsky and Yuri Akulov. Both were previously addicted to jazz, Lavrovski was a drummer and leader of 'Джаз-октета ЛИТМО', Akulov played the guitar in dixieland 'The seven dixilend', later writing songs for popular variety artists, while Lavrovsky became a drummr for 'Поющие Гитары'. In the composition of 'Калинка', aside guitarist Alukov and drummer Lavrovsky, there entered Vladimir Pokidov (solo-guitar—later, Anatoly Chizhevsky). Valeriy Tikunov (trumpet), Alexei Zuev (trombone), Valeriy Pavlov (saxophone), and Alexei Golubev (bass guitar). The vocalists were Vladimir Snopkovsky, Alla Vinogradova, Aleksandr Smorchov (guitar), Nikolai Podgornov, and Nina Burenkova.

The basis of the ensemble's repertoire was composed of songs of the people of the USSR in modern processing, composition, specially written by Leningrad authors for 'Калинка' and works by the participants of the VIA. In 1972-74, saxophonist and flutist Fladimir Kuteev, vocalist Olga Levitskaja, bass guitarist Vladimir Aratmonov; vocalist, guitarist, and composer Alexei Fadeev; keyboardist Nikolai Vorobev, and trombonist Vladimir Tochilenko joined the ensemble.

In 1973, VIA 'Калинка' became a laureate at the Youth Festival, held in Leningrad, and diploma winner of the All-Union Song Contest in Minsk. In two years, the collective had won a large medal of the Press Festival in the GDR, 'Золотой лев' in Dresden and prize 'Познаньская весна' in Poland, in 1979, 'Золотой Орфей' in Bulgaria. In 1976 the premier took place of Eduard Kuziner's rock opera 'Свадьба в Калиновке или Утро вечера мудреней'—part of the ensembleš musicians were involved in the performances, while the second half toured about the country, reinforced by new vocalists Valendina Urda and songs penned by vocalist and guitarist Alexei Fadeev.

In the beginning of the 80's, the ensemble released the program 'Земля и небо'—the repertoire also includes a rock-fantasy on the theme of music for the ballet by Andrei Petrov, 'Сотворение мира', rock suite by Lauwa Quint 'Кулоковская битва' to the words of Nikolai Denosov. In 1983 the collective ceased to exist, revived only in the new century.

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