Country of origin: Kyrgyzstan
Years active: 1977-


A women's vocal-instrument ensemble. Their initial name was 'Шоола' (Shoola). The collective was and remains very popular in Kyrgyzstan and is considered the most unique collective in the history of the national stage.

VIA 'Кыз-Бурак' (Kız-Burak, which means 'light (white, clean) hat for women' - a symbol of pure love) was created in 1977 at the Osh Kyrgyz Drama Theater. Gulshair Sadıbakasova became its musical, and then artistic director. Gulshair Sadıbakasova is an honoured artist, excellent student of culture, laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize of Kyrgyzstan, for several years she has been the director of the Osh Regional Philharmonic named after Rıspay Abdıkadırov. Thanks to her high organizational talent, 'Кыз-Бурак' achieved great success.

In 1980, 'Кыз-Бурак' visited Moscow many times—in 1980, they took part in the cultural program XXII Olympic Games, and in 1985, in the World Festival of Youth and Students. The ensemble actively toured in all the USSR (visited every Soviet republic), and also gave successful concerts abroad: in Poland, Hungary, China, Czechoslovakia, and other countries.

For more than three decades, the composition of 'Кыз-Бурак' changed 12 times. The ensemble is working in the present time. In 2002, the collective won the Grand Prix of the Tashkent International Festival. In 2012 an anniversary concert of the ensemble took place, dedicated to the 35 years of its creative activity.

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There is little information on the releases of Кыз-Бурак.