Country of origin: Kyrgyzstan
Years active: 1971-1990


The most popular band in Kyrgyzstan, VIA 'Наристе' (Nariste - translated from Kyrgyz is 'the first snow', 'purity', 'primordial'), was organized in 1971 in the alpine village Ming-Kuş, Naryn province with professional musician Vladimir Pruglo.

It started in the 70's. The blossoming of vocal-instrument ensembles in the whole Union. Every factory club, any school and university considered it an honour to bring together enthusiasts, virtuosos of the electric guitar and enthusiastic drummers. Under the leadership of the brilliant master Vladimir Pruglo, the Nariste ensemble emerged in Ming-Kuş. This city in the Naryn oblast is now for sure the most derelict, but used to be considered a closed industrial zone with Moscow support! The company's Palace of Culture was the birthplace of Nariste. To keep a VIA of 15 people, buy good electronic instruments, sew costumes, you need loads of money. Only the rich factory could permit such a luxury.

There were hundreds of concerts in every corner of Kyrgyzstan, and also other republics, at the Baikal-Amur Railway, a performance on the radio and television brought the young VIA great success. Already in 1972, 'Наристе' performed at the VDNKh in Moscow with huge success. In that same year, the ensemble is joined by 11 year old drummer Ernest Abdıjaparov (today, an Honoured Art Worker of Kyrgyzstan, famous film director, winner of many international festivals). In 1974, national television recorded the film-concert 'Песни Ала-Тоо', in which the ensemble performed five compositions. In 1977 the collective became the winner of the First All-Union festival 'Золотая медаль'.

In 1980, VIA 'Наристе', reinforced, by the musicians of VIA 'Арашан', became a professional band of the Kyrgyz State Philharmonic Society in Frunze (now Bişkek). In 1980-1981, the group released two small records on the 'Мелодия' label. In 1983, the ensemble toured in Vietnam, Laos, and other Asian countries, and in Gerany in 1984. People's Artist of the USSR Bulat Abdullaevich Minjilkiev has been involved as part of the 'Наристе' ensemble on many occasions, as well as popular Kyrgyz film artist Ayturgan Temirova. Leading soloists of the collective were Asambek Jumakadırov, Anarbek Tokoev, Isa Tokoev, Svetlana Tabaldieva, Alexei Serafimov, Sayra Çotkoraeva, Emil Kadıraliev and idol of Kyrgyz youth in the 70's and 80's Şamşıbek Ötöbaev.

In 1990, VIA 'Наристе' (like many VIAs) ceased to exist, and in 1998 Vladimir Pruglo emmigrated to Germany by invitation of permament employment at the Russian culture center. VIA 'Наристе', often referred to as the Kyrgyz 'Песняры', were very popular by virtue of the beautiful and melodious songs that still ring true today, as these songs are already classics with a mental sound typical of Kyrgyz melody.

Information provided by the artistic director of VIA 'Наристе', Vladimir Pruglo.

Original source:

Ала-Тоо (1980)

01. Ала-Тоо 02. Жаны жыл ыры
03. Жамгыр

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