Country of origin: Russia
Years active: 1976-1980s


Rock orchestra 'Рапсодия' (Rapsodija, ВИО 'Рапсодия') was organized in 1976. When forming a collective, the task of the collective was to create a creative ensemble that was original in composition and manner of performance. It is known that thesetimes were characterized by different jazz-rock styles and other forms of variety music, with classical music and folk. Taking jazz-rock with massive songs provided an incentive for the creation of a qualitatively different form of musical art, without a clear-cut style. This form predetermined the path of creative development for the jazz-rock orchestra 'Рапсодия' (the word 'rhapsody' translated from Latin means 'lack of framework').

This moment is the starting point when creating arrangements of works provided by composers, which in turn take into account the specifics of the performance. Almost all material was arranged with the orchestra musicians according to that direction, in which 'Рапсодия' worked.

17 records were recorded with 'Рапсодия'—they all became rarities. On the envelope of one of them are heartwarming remarks from Andrei Eshpay, who wrote: 'V.N. Petrenko is a highly talented musician, totally sensing the nature of the genre, with great demand and at a high professional level, solving creative tasks facing the team'.

Although at the end of the 80's the orchestra stopped active concert work and became a studio collective, it constantly replenished its repertoire with the best works of Russian and foreign authors, systematically took participation in radio and telecasts, and worked on the release of new records with a range from rock to classical.

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